Partner App Syncing Chart

We get questions all the time regarding the data that syncs to and from partner apps, so here's a handy table to give you some quick info on what you should see! 

If there's something you want to see sync to or from Runkeeper and a partner, you'll want to submit a feature request to the partner in question!  We offer an open API which partners use to design their integrations with us, so the decisions about which data types do and don't sync are almost always made on their end.

When data syncs through the API, the partner sends us data listed in the "Sends Us" column, and from Runkeeper they pull the data listed in the "Pulls" column.

Please note that some partners may not pull some of the more specific activity types we offer, like Bootcamp or Meditation, or may classify them as "Other," depending on which activity types the partner supports.

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