Prescribed Workouts

This feature is part of our Runkeeper Go offering.

Whether you're a beginner runner or looking to start training for your 3rd marathon, we've got you covered with our new personalized training workouts. This training offering doesn't have end dates, as the workouts are designed to help you stick with your routine and continually improve!

How do they work?

It's easy - Under 'Training' select 'Running for Exercise' on iOS or 'Build Me a Custom Plan' on Android. Next, fill out a quick series of questions about your current running ability; based on your answers we'll create a set of workouts each week designed just for you! We'll surface a new schedule every Sunday based on how many workouts you completed the week before.


Once you have your weekly workouts, the next step is to start tracking! Each Sunday we'll update your workouts and we'll show you a handy overview of the weather for that week, so you can decide which days to complete your workouts.

Complete a workout

1. For each workout, you'll have the option to set a reminder, which will send you a push notification at your specified date & time. (iOS will give you the option to scroll through dates, and Android will give a calendar option for date and clock option for time.)


 2. Once you get your reminder, it's time to start tracking! Press Select this Workout or Mark as Complete (check mark on Android) on the next screen.

3. Once you've selected the workout, you'll be redirected to the Start screen, where you can begin tracking your activity!

4. After you've finished & saved your activity, head back to the Training tab to see your completed activity! 

*Important note: At this time, you cannot associate a workout to your prescribed plan after you've completed it - you'll want to select it beforehand. If your workouts are not associating, please email

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • If you are unable to join a prescribed workout plan, you might already be enrolled in one of our pre-built plans. In order to use the prescribed workouts, you will first need to abandon your training plan.
  • The workouts can only be completed if you track your activity in the app or press the "Mark Complete" button to manually log an activity in the iOS app. They cannot be completed with third-party activities, GPX imports, or manually logged activities created in the Android app or on at this time.
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