Shoe Tracking

How Does It Work?

This feature keeps track of how many miles you have logged wearing a specific pair of shoes. You select the mileage you want to track on your shoes and we'll notify you when you've reached that mileage! Note: This only supports running activities at this time. This feature is not available on the website.

How to track shoes on iOS:

1. Go to your Settings in the app
2. Select Shoe Tracking
3. Add a name for your shoes! 
4. Select the shoe brand from the dropdown menu


5. Select the specific model of shoes
6. Select your distance starting date (Example: If you're wearing the shoes for the first time, you would select the current date; if you've worn them before, select a date in the past.)
7. Choose how many miles you want to complete before we notify you 


You can also select a pair of active shoes! This means the shoes you select will automatically be added to your running activities. You can always change the shoe afterward if you were wearing a different pair.

The active pair of shoes you've selected will have a blue checkmark next to them. If you decide you'd like to change the mileage on your shoe, you can do that too! Just go to your App Settings --> Shoe Tracking, then select the shoe and tap on the "Lifespan" cell to update mileage.


If you'd like to add a shoe after saving your activity, or add shoes to your previous running activities, you can do that, too:

- Go to your "Me" tab and select the running activity you'd like to add your shoes to.
- Scroll down and tap on the "Shoes" cell. You can select a shoe on the next screen.

(If you're adding a new pair of shoes just click the white plus sign in the top right corner). Once you've selected your shoes the pair will automatically be added to your activity!


Steps To Get You Started on Android:

On Android you'll want to navigate to your 'Settings' and select 'Shoe Tracking'. From here you'll be given the option to select 'None' or a default sneaker (if you've already entered one) that will be attached to activities going forward.

If you want to add a new pair of sneakers, click on the plus sign in the top right hand corner of the 'Shoe Tracking' screen. If you want to edit an existing pair of sneakers, just click on the pencil icon. Both options will take you to the 'Editing Shoes' screen where you can edit the Brand, Model, Nickname, Starting Distance and Lifespan. If you ever want to delete that pair of sneakers from your account, just click on the trash can icon in the top right hand corner. 


  •  Under the brand option you'll be able to pick from a variety of companies; our favorite is ASICS. ;)
  • Next you can select the model of sneaker you're using, and if you want to add a fun name for those kicks (example: Feet of Fury), enter that under Nickname.

  • Under the Starting Distance option you'll be given two fields: 1) Import Distance Since and 2) Manually Add Distance.
  • Import Distance Since will allow you to choose a start date for your sneakers.
  • Manually Add Distance will allow you to select the total distance already registered on those sneakers.

  • Once your options are saved and a pair of sneakers are selected, they will be attached to future activities below in the Charts cell.





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