Apple Watch Permissions

So you bought an Apple Watch and want to track without a phone strapped to your arm or clutched in the palm of your hand? Boom, you're in luck, because Runkeeper allows you to leave your iPhone behind while tracking an activity. However, in order to revel in this freedom, you'll need to give our app some permissions first so data can be properly collected while you're out tracking.

  • When you first log into the watch app you'll be prompted with the screenshots below telling you "Runkeeper" would like to access your Location and Heath Data.

At the same time, your phone will prompt you with the messages on the following screenshots below:

  • The first will ask for your permission to access Location While you use the app.
  • The second will give Runkeeper Phone app access to your data regarding steps and stride rate.
  • The third will give Runkeeper Access to your iPhone's Health data.

  • Select Open "Runkeeper" which will then take you to Health
  • Turn on all of the data you want Runkeeper to Read from and Write to Health, or select 'Turn All Categories On'
  • Tap Allow in the top right hand corner

  • Now tap Close on the prompt appearing on your watch

Once all of those permissions are taken care of, it's just a matter of explaining to your phone that you need some space in this relationship, and it's not them, it's you.

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