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We've recently given our Apple Watch app a makeover and infused a bunch of new features that make the experience even better, and guess what? Those runs tracked without the phone on a Series 2 or 3 watch will now generate a map!

When you open the app on your watch, you'll be greeted with the new start screen (Play Button Icon) where you can begin your activity. If you want to select a new activity type, or further customize your trip, just swipe left on the watch face. 

Selecting an Activity Type

On the menu screen tap on Running (default activity type) and you'll be brought to the Activity Type option screen where you can select Running, Walking, Cycling or Other. Tap on the activity you want to track and you'll be directed back to the main menu.

Running WITHOUT The Phone

Tapping the Watch + Phone option will toggle on Watch Only mode. Doing this means your phone will not begin an activity when one is started on the watch. If you have a Series 2 watch, this will also assure that a map of your activity can be created.

Running WITH The Phone

If Watch + Phone is displayed, then that means your watch will be able to communicate with your phone and begin a connected trip between the devices. If you're completing a connected trip, there will be a small white phone icon next to the GPS bars indicating that the watch is connected to the phone. (The phone icon will only appear on series 2 and 3 watches).

Setting Target Pace

On the new watch app you'll be able to select your Target Pace for a run by tapping on Pace. Use the watch crown to scroll through the pace settings and then select Set.

Setting Max Heart Rate

If you want to set your Max Heart rate in the app, tap on Max HR and use the watch crown to scroll through the HR settings. Then after selecting your option tap Set.

Selecting a Workout

Selecting a workout out in the app operates similarly to the previous version, just tap No Workout (default display) and select the training plan or custom workout you want to track. 



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