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Customization, customization, CUSTOMIZATION! We've heard your cries for a more customized experienced not only before an activity is started, but during as well. With the new version of the Runkeeper Watch app, your tracking screen is an open canvas for you to control. 

On the main tracking screen there will be three primary locations to view tracking data. The first line view will only show duration. The second line view will display current pace or distance. If you tap on the second line view you'll be able to toggle between the two options. Depending on which one is chosen, the other will be displayed below on the third line view in the left-hand corner. 

There are multiple different combinations (not all combos available, yet!) of views you can toggle between on the third line view. All you have to do is tap on that line to alternate between them! (Views Bulleted below)

  • Distance
  • Current Pace
  • Avg. Pace/ Target Pace
  • Avg. HR/ Max HR

Pace and Heart Rate Graph options

One of those new, exciting views that's possible with the new Runkeeper watch app is the ability to view Pace and Heart Rate graphs while tracking! 

The Heart graph will track your Heart Rate against the Max HR you selected (white dotted line). Note: The Heart rate graph will default to your max hr based on your age, but that can be adjusted on the menu screen beforehand. 

The pace graph will do the same, except it will track Current Pace versus the target pace you selected. If you're running slower than your Target Pace then the graph will turn red, but if you start breaking the sound barrier and go faster than your Target Pace it will turn green!


Swipe left from the tracking screen to view the Splits' screen. Depending on the type of activity or workout out you're completing, your splits and/or intervals will be displayed here.

Completing An Activity

Once you've crushed enough pavement, swipe right and press the pause button. If you decide there's still actually some more road that needs to be slayed, simply hit the resume button. However, if you are indeed done, tap the finish button. 

After tapping Finish you'll be brought to the save screen where you can review your stats and either save or discard that activity. 






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