Setting Up Runkeeper for Apple Watch

Connecting your Apple Watch to Runkeeper

Once your Apple Watch is paired to your phone, setting up Runkeeper is easy!

  1. Open up the Apple Watch app on your phone and head to the 'My Watch' tab
  2. Scroll down until you see Runkeeper in the list of apps
  3. Once you tap on the Runkeeper cell, just make sure the toggle is set to 'Show App on Apple Watch'
  4. Check out your fancy new Runkeeper app on your Apple Watch!

*Note: In order for Runkeeper to be available in this list, you will need to be running iOS 9.0 or later.

Using Runkeeper on the Apple Watch

When you first open the Runkeeper app, you'll see the Start screen where you can begin an Activity (defaults to Running when first opened). This activity type is automatically selected from whichever you have selected in the RK app. If you'd like to change the activity type, just swipe left to the Menu Screen

Additionally, with the latest release of Runkeeper 7.6, there are a ton of new features that'll improve your tracking experience. To learn more about those, check out the new Apple Watch Tracking article.

If you'd like to be able to see your RK stats without unlocking the watch, make sure you choose to show the last app used on wrist raise!

  1. Open up the Settings app on your Apple Watch
  2. Scroll until you see General
  3. Once in the General section, tap Wake Screen and make sure always is selected under 'Last App Used' section.

Using Runkeeper on the Apple Watch in Standalone Mode

Previous versions of the app used the motion chip inside the watch to capture your distance and stats, that's why activities completed with just the watch didn't register a GPS tracked map. If you have a Series 0 or 1 watch you can still track those activities without the phone, but if you have a Series 2 you'll now be able to generate a map using the watch GPS on v7.6! To learn more about tracking with your Series 2 in standalone mode, check out the Running Without The Phone section here.

Also, follow the steps below to assure that you'll be able to track and save correctly in standalone mode:

  1. First, make sure your iPhone is operating on iOS10 or higher, and Watch OS3 or higher.
  2. When you've finished your activity and save it on your Apple Watch it will not sync to our servers until you've opened the Runkeeper app on your iPhone
  3. The more times you track with both your iPhone and your Apple Watch, the better your distance accuracy will be in standalone mode. We recommend tracking with both devices about 20 times before you take the Apple Watch out without your iPhone!

Audio Cues and Alerts for Watch Only trips are currently not a feature, but is something we're looking into for sure!

Important things to note! 

  • You will need to give Runkeeper the proper Permissions in order to use your watch, and track in standalone mode correctly. These permissions should appear when you access the watch app for the first time.
  • In order to save your HR data from the Apple Watch, you will need to start and save the activity from your Watch and not the phone, also make sure you allow Runkeeper access to your HR data in your settings!
  • Make sure you're upgraded to Watch OS3 or higher! The Watch integration is way more stable now with all the recent updates!
  • If you save the activity from the Apple Watch you will not have the ability to share to Facebook or Twitter. If you'd like to share your activity make sure you save it from your iPhone or share after you've saved! 
  • The Apple Watch is not optimized to track indoor activities in standalone mode...(yet!) 
  • Any activities you track with Runkeeper while tethered to your Apple Watch will be correctly logged in Apple Health. 
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