Photos Not Sharing and Not Syncing to Website

If you're noticing when you go to share an activity that you aren't able to select a photo from your phone gallery (you're redirected back to your camera), or that photos you save to your activity aren't syncing to, then you're running into a known issue with photo syncing. Rest assured that our team is on top of it!

The good news is that there's a workaround for social media sharing. During your activity, instead of taking photos with your device's native camera application, just take photos directly within the Runkeeper app using our camera tool. You'll see a camera icon in the bottom left of your tracking screen that will allow you to take photos, and you'll be able to share those with your activity (the syncing issue is only affecting photos taken outside the Runkeeper app). 

if you'd like to stay updated on our progress, just submit a ticket using the link below and we can let you know when it's fixed!

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