Can't See Full Training History in ASICS Race Training Plan

Have you attempted to manually complete a workout for your ASICS Race Training plan with a previously saved activity, and the activity doesn't appear as option to select? Are other eligible activities missing?

First off, check that the activity you are looking to associate is eligible. The activity you're looking to associate must meet the following criteria:

- happened between a week before the plan started and a week after the plan ended

- have a distance/duration of at least 85% of the workout requirements

- not have been tracked with another workout. If an activity was tracked with another workout such as a custom interval workout, Pace Academy workout, or other training plan workout, it will not be available to associate to another training plan workout (an activity can only be linked to one workout).

If the activity is definitely eligible but still isn't showing in History, this is indeed a known issue that we are looking into resolving, so please write to us at for the latest updates on this issue.

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