Runkeeper Privacy Policy Update 2018

Q: Why did Runkeeper update its Privacy Policy and what has changed?

A: Our users' privacy is important to us and we strive to employ best practices to best serve our users and to allow them to make meaningful choices about their personal data. Effective May 25, 2018 we updated our privacy policy to reflect the broader ASICS Privacy Policy in order to better communicate how your data is used within the broader ASICS organization. Here’s what changed:

  • Privacy - Our commitment to privacy has not changed. As always we are committed to protecting your personal data and giving you the resources you need to make meaningful choices. The new policy addresses new global requirements and additional country and region specific disclosures.
  • Choice & Transparency - The updated policy provides clear information on how we collect, use, and share your personal data. It also includes information regarding your rights regarding this data and clearly outlines the choices you have at your disposal.
  • Relationship with ASICS - the new policy includes language and information regarding  how we collect data about your purchases in ASICS stores and online in order to manage and handle your purchases. It also includes language regarding how your data is used within the ASICS organization.
  • Cookie Policy - We’ve also provided a detailed overview regarding our Cookie Policy. This describes the technology we use to analyze usage patterns on our website, detect harmful activity, target advertisements and improve our services. It provides an overview of the cookies used and tells you what we track, how we do it and why we do it. It also tells you how you can opt out of advertising, certain types of analytics and cookies.

For more information please review the complete Privacy Policy.


Q: What is GDPR and how does it affect my experience with ASICS and its related applications?

A: The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, is a new regulation that focuses on European Union residents’ privacy rights. A key goal of the new regulation is to give consumers control over their personal data. The regulation goes into effect on May 25, 2018.

We believe that the requirements of the GDPR will become the global standard. Therefore, ASICS has updated many touch points throughout the consumer journey to comply with the key principles outlined in the regulation. Given this, you will notice a couple of changes.

First, we updated some sections of our Privacy Policy to reflect the regulatory changes. You can read more about the specific changes above or review the complete Privacy Policy.  

If you are a resident of the European Union or a country or region with similar laws, you will be prompted to provide consent for actions that require the collection and transfer of your personal data. These specific consent requests will depend on your location.

Finally, you will have additional options that you can exercise around the collection and use of your personal data. Most notably, you can request that we provide you with the data we have collected on you at any point and we are required to share that information with you within 30 days of the request. Additionally, you may request the deletion of your account and associated account data.

You can read more about the GDPR and a summary of key updates here:


Q: What personal data does Runkeeper collect about me and why?

A: We define personal data as any information that we use to identify you as a user. We collect this information from you when you purchase products or use the services we provide. Specifically, we collect the following information when you voluntarily provide consent to the terms laid out in the complete  Privacy Policy.


  • Contact details (such as email address)
  • Account and electronic identification data (such as your username and authentication details)
  • Information regarding your use of our online services (such as the logged in experience on the web)
  • Purchases in store and online (such as Runkeeper Go subscriptions)
  • Leisure activities, interests and events (Such as in-app Challenges that you’ve participated in)
  • Training and running data (Such as records on your runs, walks, and other activities that you have tracked with Runkeeper)
  • Reviews you provide of our products and services (In-app feedback or support tickets)
  • Communication data (Such as logs of emails and other notifications we have sent you)

For a detailed description of the personal data we collect, please review the “Personal Data We Collect” section of the complete  Privacy Policy.


Some of the information we collect, specifically for the Runkeeper app, falls under the category of Sensitive Personal Data. This information applies to your health and includes the following:

  • Activity data and other information you voluntarily provide when using the service. This includes information such as weight, height, calories burned, steps taken, and activity data like activity type, duration, frequency, distance, pace, speed, and step count. Much of this information is a core piece of the Runkeeper app and the service it provides.
  • Running specific information such as pace, the shoes you are wearing (if you utilize the shoe tracking feature within Runkeeper), distance, etc.
  • Test and measurement results (if you have used any ASICS services such as Foot ID, Motion ID, Running Labs, or 3D measurement).

Runkeeper may also collect exact information regarding your location such as GPS, accelerometer, and your running route. This information is essential to the run tracking functionality of the app.

We only use health and location data you voluntarily provide with prior consent to the terms set forth in our Privacy Policy. More details around how and why we collect and use your personal data can be found in the complete Privacy Policy. You may also refuse or revoke consent at any time.


Q: What does Runkeeper do with the data it has collected on me?

A: ASICS collects and uses your personal data for a number of reasons. Below are several examples that pertain specifically to Runkeeper. We encourage you to review the “What We Do With Your Personal Data” section of the Privacy Policy as well as the “How We Share Your Personal Data” section for a comprehensive understanding of our use and disclosure of your personal data. Uses for your data include the following:

  • To create your account, enable your activity within our services, and to provide the services.
  • To tailor features, products, advertising, and services to your interests and goals.
  • To communicate with you and respond to your requests.
  • To administer challenges and promotions.
  • To comply with legal requirements to which ASICS is subject.

Q: How and why do I need to agree to the collection of my personal data?

A: It is difficult to provide ASICS products and services without collecting some of your personal data. For example, if you purchase a product from one of our ecommerce sites, we need to know where to ship that product.

However, we cannot collect this information without your knowledge and consent. Some instances where we will prompt you to acknowledge our Privacy Policy include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • When you check out or make purchases at or any affiliated regional websites.
  • When you sign up or create an account on or any affiliated regional websites.
  • When you sign up or create an account with any ASICS-owned fitness app (Runkeeper or ASICS Studio) or any measurement or testing technology such as ASICS Foot ID, and ASICS Motion ID.


Q: How do I submit a request to review the personal data that Runkeeper has collected on me?

A: You have the right to request access to your Personal Data that we have collected and stored. As a reminder, Personal Data does not mean all data.

To request access to or to download your Personal Data, please submit a support ticket here and someone from our team will be in touch!

Q: How do I delete my account and the associated personal data?

A: First, login to your Runkeeper account here. Then, you can delete your account and the associated data here. If you have additional questions, you can submit a support ticket here and someone from our team will be in touch.

Q: What sort of information do you share with ASICS?

A: Runkeeper is a product owned and managed by ASICS, so any data that Runkeeper stores is also available to ASICS. For more info on the relationship between Runkeeper and ASICS, please take a look at this article.

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