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Audio/haptic cues in Apple Watch

Given that "leave your phone at home" is touted as a Top Feature of Runkeeper on the App Store page, Watch audio cues or haptic feedback should be a basic function of the app. Particularly as the Watch already has audio/haptic for pausing/resuming runs. I would think such functionality would add huge value to anyone running with Watch only and wanting to make the most of the running plans etc that the app offers - seems like a no-brainer and shouldn't be too hard to implement?

Looking back there have been several requests for this feature which are among the most upvoted - please upvote this so the devs will pay attention!

Sam Clinton

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Not sure what it takes to get Runkeeper to respond to this request!?!  It's been an ongoing request for over a year!! Come on Runkeeper, give us an update or any kind of response! Please!!  Having audio cues is a must for training to progress.  I really don't want to have to carry my phone with me when I run!

Debbie Lawson 0 votes
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