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Custom Friend Leaderboard Metric

You should be able to determine who the 'leader' in your friends group is by something other than the number of activities. For example the leader can be the friend who has the largest distance for that week, or the friend who has been active for the longest time that week.

Using the number of activities alone seems like a poor metric because anyone can just log 3 trips to the bathroom per day and easily hit 21 activities and still not have traveled a mile overall.

Benjamin I. Cancel

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This. Exactly this. Number of activities is not very interesting to compare. As mentioned above, total number of kms, calories burned, time spent or height meters are much more meaningful. A friend that did 15 activities (which could be really anything) while I have done 10 doesn't motivate me. A friend that ran 80 kms while I have 65 kms might just convince me to put those running shoes on again. Please consider this feature.

Ewout Knoester 3 votes
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