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Adjust training plans by day of week

Training plans now can only be moved forward or backward one week at a time. It would be helpful if a plan could be moved forward or backward by a day or so. If I am not able to run on a specific day of the week due to a schedule issue, I would need to shift the weekly plan by a day or so to line the plan up with my schedule.

Howard F.

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I'm relatively new to the premium service and I love the integration of the training plan with the activity tracker. For the sub 2:30 1/2 marathon plan the scheduled happened to align just right for me on the days I can run. For the sub 4 hour marathon plan no such luck. Not being able to move the start date forward or backward by a day or two means that my 16 week program is never going to sync with my activities. I'll have to manually match all that stuff online which is pretty much a deal breaker for me. Moving a plan forward or backward week by week is really pretty useless to me.

Given that this is the main thing I like about the premium content I'd appreciate it if it could get a bump in the priorities list...

Adam Gresh 1 vote
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