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Current Pace should be averaged from several measurments

At this moment "Current Pace" audio cue option is useless for running, in my opinion.
It looks that the reading is being taken from some moment but this gives wrong results.
Normally I use arm band to hold my phone during running. When I run with constant pace I get absurd readings. E.g. when I run with pace of 6:13/km I get "current pace" times from 7:40/km to 4:30/km. My guess is it depends when the reading is taken.
If the reading is taken in the moment my arm is going back, that means GPS is slowing down in relation to the ground hence pace is slower. And opposite: when arm is going forward GPS sensor speed up in relation to the ground so I get pace like 4:30/km.
Once I used belt and readings were more consistent. Current pace should be some average from several readings.

Bartosz Falkowski

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Current pace seems buggy indeed.
Please add short info to the app how this value is calculated.

Markus 2 votes
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Run Keeper, any update on this? It seems like such a simple fix: just average the last X readings so it's not so crazy. I agree, as it currently is, this feature is meaningless for running.

Scott 2 votes
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