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Lap button in stopwatch mode

I would love to see a lap button in the stopwatch mode so I can get a better feel for my treadmill splits and can log interval runs done on the treadmill.

Nicci Ahrens

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This would be useful even for non-treadmill stopwatch workouts, perfect for track running where the GPS is redundant. It would be great if they could even let you change the length of your splits from 1 mile to whatever you chose.

Lach 2 votes

Totally agree. I know how many laps it takes on the indoor track to add up to my training time, and it's enough that I won't ever remember which lap I'm on without some sort of counter.

For now I use another stopwatch app with a counter and just enter my info into Runkeeper after the fact but would be great to do it from there.

And, as long as you're going to do it, make sure it works in landscape mode, and that the lap button is really big and easy to hit while running and that both the lap count and time are easy to read while you're on the move!

Dave McGinnis 1 vote

In the winter, I run on an indoor track and the GPS function is very inaccurate. Right now, I have to use a separate app to count laps and then manually add it to Runkeeper. I would love to have it all one.

Elizabeth 0 votes

I know this is old but I'd like to see this as well.  In the winter, I run on an indoor track and GPS is useless.  I would love to be able to track my faster and slower laps as I run intervals. All one has to do is enter the length of each lap and Runkeeper could then extrapolate that into something almost as good as GPS tracking (our track is 345 feet, or 105 meters per lap).  I like the graphs that show me how much speed I'm losing over time, or if I'm keeping a steady pace.

David Long 0 votes