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Android Lock-Screen W/ Music Control

This is a combo-request. that the Android App be improved with it's own music player to play on-device music. Seriously...who doesn't listen to music while they run. Sure...lots of people like their third-party streaming apps (I use IHeart and pandora when I'm on a treadmill connected to WiFi); but lots of us use on-device music when we run in roaming or data-weak areas.

Second, and even better, would be the devlopment of a lock-screen display that gives basic workout stats, and access to said music control. Lots of apps have lock-screen displays, and interaction...this would be a HUGE improvement to runkeeper. I hate having to unlock my screen, navigate betwen multiple apps (music/runkeeper) while running when I just want a bit of info.



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I completely agree with the lock-screen display. I would also want pause/stop workout. I hate the additional time it takes to pause or stop the workout.

Brian Conrad Smith 0 votes

Yes!  I just moved to Android from iOS, and while the notification pull-down to pause or stop an activity is great, it's a little small for old eyes and fat fingers.  Being able to see current distance and other stats without unlocking the device would be REALLY nice.

Peter Simmang 0 votes