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Shoe tracking for walking

I'm not quite up to running yet but I'd love to be able to keep track of the miles so I may replace my shoes when necessary. As it stands now I've had to download a separate app to do so.

Dawn Smith

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There really should not be a reason why shoe tracking cannot be extended to all activities that require your feet to have contact with a surface and alternating. A stair climber doesn't fit this but climbing a stairwell does. Hiking, Walking, Running and Other should all allow us to track shoe mileage. Please add the shoe mileage tracking to these other categories.

Nelson Santos 1 vote
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I bought a new pair of running shoes. I have it on the app but after a 3.6 miles, on Monday session, no miles registered on the shoe tracking section. Please let me know how to add these miles to this part.  

Valmin Miranda 0 votes
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