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Display heart rate on Android Wear, please!

It has been a couple of years since RunKeeper introduced Android Wear integration. But looking at the current integration, it seems like the RunKeeper team has been neglecting this integration ever since it has been released, because nothing has (visibly) changed with the UI.

I have been using a heart rate monitor for years. It is connected to the Android app and is working just fine. I was wondering, why shouldn't it be possible to display the heart rate on my watch as well. Back then, I was thinking, well, maybe this is not quite an MVP feature, let's see what will happen in the future. It can't be a big deal, since the app is displaying the heart rate already - so the data is there, it's just not displayed.

Today, almost two years later, the RunKeeper app is still not displaying the heart rate. Since this has become an even more important feature to me, because I'm looking into buying a sports/smart watch, I wonder if this integration will come anytime soon. I'm not really keen on moving my workouts to a walled garden, e.g. TomTom, Polar, Garmin or Runtastic. But I'm also not keen on manually downloading and uploading my workouts between several platforms either.

So my question is: When will the heart rate show up on the smart watch, is it even planned/scheduled or is there a recommended platform I could use, that causes less pain exporting data to RunKeeper?

Jumping ship after 5 years on RunKeeper as a subscriber, just because of this missing feature, seems irrational. But I just don't see how RunKeeper is keeping up with this evolving market.

Thorsten Mann

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Over a year has past since this post. Still not even a reply?!

Displaying the heart rate doesn't really seem such a big deal to implement or is it?

Please at least answer to his question. I'm very interested in that feature as well. I haven't been a long term subscriber but currently I'm looking around which app gives me a good android wear integration as well as monitoring my heart rate with my Polar belt.

It seems I need to continue looking though :/

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