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Does Runkeeper support Apple Watch 2 GPS Tracking?

From what I can tell it does not. When can we expect that?

Kevan Yalowitz

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Just got word from Runkeeper:

Ken Vetrano Today at 16:17
Hey Fabian,

Thanks for reaching out to Runkeeper Support, happy to help! Right now the watch uses the motion chip to capture your distance and stats, that's why activities completed with just the watch won't register a GPS tracked map.

Our team has been working non-stop updating the Apple Watch integration since Apple's latest releases. We actually found out about the Series 2 release at the same time as our users, so we didn't know about the built in GPS until those announcements were made. Our engineers just got their hands on some Series 2 watches, and we're currently figuring out the best ways to take full advantage of everything the watch has to offer, including the possibility of adding maps to activities tracked with just the Apple Watch. Stay tuned for future builds!

If you still want to use the watch in standalone mode, just follow the steps in this article. Also, make sure your Apple Watch Permissions are set up before tracking with the watch.



Fabian van Noort 1 vote

I got my Apple watch 2 (the Nike version) two days ago, and tried it yesterday. I tested Runkeeper on the watch for about 1 mile, leaving my iPhone at home. After I finished my test run and checked on my iPhone, I found it recorded everything correctly, but the route map was missing. The map for this activity in Runkeeper was blank, with words 'Tracked with Apple Watch'. In the Activity app on my iPhone, this activity was marked 'Runkeeper'.

Yuteh Ma 1 vote

Nike had a big advantage working on the integration of AW Series II in their app before anyone else, and I had no other choice than starting using it to get the benefit of GPS data.

I burn out the battery in 2 hours both on phone and watch each time I open your app on my phone! Be quick guys, fix it, design an update that works for AW2, do it simple and reliable first stance.

By chance for you at Runkeeper, Nike did a real poor job: inconsistencies between speed data and map visualisation, no elevation calculation, may or may not synchronise with Apple's activity app. So I have not switched completely yet. You still have one little chance to runkeep me.

Laurent Yonner 1 vote