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Ability to have multiple distance goals

It seems that once you set up a cumulative running distance goal, you cannot set up another cumulative running distance goal. Ideally, we could have as many cumulative running distance goals as we would like.

This limitation is unfortunate, especially with so many virtual runs going on due to COVID-19. E.g. I have signed up for the Evergreen Challenge which a cumulative run of at least 283 miles from July - December. My plan was to set a Runkeeper goal to easily track my distance since there is no integration with their system (they use Strava) but also have my own personal annual goal in Runkeeper, too. However, now I have had to delete my annual goal. 


1. Set a cumulative running distance goal in Runkeeper. E.g. run 1,000 miles in one year. 

2. Attempt to set up another cumulative running distance goal. E.g. for a virtual race that tracks cumulative distance.  (Choose ACHIEVER DISTANCE GOAL >>  RUNNING)


You cannot choose RUNNING. It is disabled. 


- RUNNING is enabled and can be selected.

- Multiple distance goals could be set up. 


This feature could be used for other reasons such as multiple personal goals over multiple periods. E.g. total of 1000 miles for 2020 but 5000 miles for the next 2.5 years. 

Lori Penor

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YES!  I also would like to have multiple distance goals.

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